Yelp helps people find great local businesses. However, with all that wonderful data, how about we help the business owners.

What it does

Recipe for 6cess helps you (and business owners) discover some of the variables behind an optimal Yelp score in Toronto. It does this through various data visualizations in order to optimize the information delivery, but the enjoyment of the design as well.

How I built it

Cool web technologies and lots of love.


Honesty time: I'm a product designer, as well as a full time design student, so time is something I didn't have much of during this. My hunger for self improvement drove me to learn node, express, d3.js and three.js in the last month in order to create this.

Another challenged would be some of the API limitations, like not being able to access the price range of the businesses. Maybe Ill write a script to manually grab those next time. The other API challenge being the 20 result limit per call, but a bunch of promises fixed that.

What's next for Recipe for 6cess

The next steps for 6cess are making it more of a cohesive whole, with more information and visualizations.

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