Inspiration - All the restaurants trying to get back after the Covid-19 crisis. More than ever restaurants must know their food costs, recipe costs, and more importantly their plate costs to mitigate further loss after closing for over 60 days.

What it does - Allows restaurant owners to accurately calculate food, beverage costs, menu costs, recipe costs, and nutritional labels.

How we built it - We designed this version specially for SquarePOS users. As former restaurant owners, we decided to start with the food order guide and used the latest cloud-based technologies with human-centered design. We used Squareup's API.

Challenges we ran into - Making it simple to cost out a plate on the menu with multiple recipes, food items, and automatic nutritional labels.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Keep it simple and user friendly. Giving restaurant owners a product mix with actual sales and costs. A low-cost entry at $25 makes it affordable for any restaurant owner, and the ability to create nutritional labels with a single click.

What we learned - Restaurant owners can improve their bottom line income by dramatically managing and reducing costs.

What's next for Recipe and Menu Costing - We're looking at real-time inventory based on sales from SquarePOS.

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