It is difficult to plan the perfect grocery shopping trip, buying exactly what is needed for the meals for a week without any leftovers. We wanted to create an app that allowed people to plan meals and know exactly what ingredients they needed to buy, with the ability to satisfy any dietary requirements they might have.

What it does

Users can search through an updatable list of recipes, searching by ingredient names, ingredient types (vegan, dairy free, high protein), or recipe names. Alternately, users can enter their own recipes. Once the user selects recipes, the list of ingredients is automatically collated into a shopping list, where they can check off items at the store as they put items off the shelf. For those with super large lists, rather than search through a list to check off an item, they can scan a barcode of an item and the app will automatically check off the best matching item.

How we built it

We used Android Studio, Upcdatabase API, and the Scandit SDK.

Challenges we ran into

Android studio and version control kept doing incompatible things, losing files and altering the permissions of some files as they were updated, causing test builds to fail at inconvenient times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the Scandit SDK to work.

What we learned

Increment pointers in loops so they don't run forever.

What's next for Recipe

Although we managed a proof of concept for Recipe, we are a long ways away from a functional demo or production. We plan to work more on Recipe in our free time and to eventually publish it as an app.

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