Often, people find themselves in front of a trash bin with multiple disposal options (eg. recycling, compost, and garbage) and hesitate on which slot to put their product. Many people recycle the wrong items which increases the cost of recycling operations while simultaneously damaging the environment. These mistakes, though seemingly small, costs the TFC $18 000 a month to transfer garbage from recycling facilities to the landfill. Garbage that have not been filtered out slows down the recycling process and contaminates recycling sites. We wanted to give an ergonomic tool for everybody to know with confidence that the item they are disposing is indeed recyclable.

This web application allows users to scan or input the barcode of the item and announces if the object is recyclable or not. Alternatively, the user can also search for the object in the search bar.

There are three buttons. The first changes the input type between the name of the product and the barcode input. The second scans the barcode. The third sends the request to the server and searches the data base.

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