Most other food sites are not great, may not be clear on certain things like timings, ratings and difficulty.

What it does

Python runs in the background pulling information from sites allowing us to display popular recipes through a JSON file that is then used by javascript to display on a simple, yet effective, website.

How I built it

Background processes such as 'translation' to JSON through Python, javascript and HTML to display on the web.

Challenges I ran into

No food API that was comprehensive AND cheap (5k a month is a bit much). AWS was being odd too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Personally became much more proficient in Python, first experience in developing a program over multiple languages that isn't just producing a graph, and as a team.

What I learned

A few new python libraries, requesting info from the web and parsing the HTML in both a rough way and through the use of libraries.

What's next for

The moon. (Use-by optimisation and meal plans)

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