One of the reasons my parents would not buy a fully electric vehicle is because they suffer from range anxiety and believe that they may become stranded on the road where commercial chargers do not exist. is an online database comprising of a network of personal and commercial EV chargers. The website aims to eliminate any possible circumstances that are rendered by drivers who possess range anxiety. The premise of is to expand the abundance of EV charges across the nation to remove the possibility of becoming stranded on the road without power. By introducing personal charging stations of members of the website, users gain limitless access to other members' chargers. In result, this creates a secondary network of EV chargers that increases the proximity of nearest EV charging stations.

We built our site from scratch using HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL.

The greatest difficulty we faced was determining how to eliminate range anxiety of potential EV users. Secondly we also had to consider security threats such as sql injection and cross-site scripting along with the difficulty of formatting divs.

Although we are satisfied with our UI, we are most proud our idea to implement a third party network of EV chargers to increase the amount of EV drivers.

We learned a lot a great deal about implementing API and optimizing their functionality to bettering the society. will soon be published and further optimized for practicality by implementing mobile devices to interface.

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