Inspiration - My Dad really likes electric cars and he was wondering, if we got one how we would find all the charging points. I thought this was an interesting problem, so I decided to make reCharge My eCar.

How it works - reCharge My eCar is an app for electric cars, it shows where all the charging points in Ireland are and whether they are in use in real time! No more waiting in queues for hours to charge your car. also, you can get directions and plan journeys through the app.

Challenges I ran into - The main challenge I had was using Xcode, Xcode helps you test out your app on your phone or tablet. It was my first time using it and to be honest, it was pretty hard to figure out. But now I know how to use it now, with the help of one of my CoderDojo (coding classes) mentors and YouTube!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - I am proud that I now have the app running on my phone and that the app works really well! reCharge My eCar has won a few awards - 2 Eircom Junior Spider Awards and a Coolest Project Award, so I am very proud of that! Also I have talked about it at the WebSummit 2014 on the 'Main Stage' on front of 5,000 people and on the 'People's Stage' there too. I have done a few radio interviews, tv interviews and interviews for the newspaper about reCharge My eCar.

What I learned - I learned so many things from reCharge My eCar, I learned more about coding, developing apps, presenting, electric cars, STEM and of course I have learned lots over here at Outbox and that opportunity came from reCharge My eCar!

What's next for reCharge My eCar - I would really like to expand reCharge My eCar to different countries and I really want to publish reCharge My eCar so people can download the app!

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