Users and pre-viewers of our app believe that this is an app that allows them to impact the community from the comfort of their homes. With the rising fear of going outside, the community lacks many of the volunteers and monetary support needed to help populations and causes. recEV acts as a fantastic solution for this problem, by providing a mechanism to supporting society while fostering a sense of community. They particularly like the fact that all charities are provided conveniently in one central location!

What it does

recEV is an application that will allow users to donate to charities as well as volunteer around Australia easily with a constantly updating database of all the charities and volunteering opportunities around Australia. Our goal for this application was to create an accessible way for people to be able to easily contribute or lend a hand.

How We built it

We built this application with scalability in mind. With that we understand this is Hackathon so we did our best to get the most that we could out of the front/back end with the time we had. The application involved some planning, flowcharts, and coordination between the team. One of the team members built a web scraper, one worked on the front end, and another worked on the backend/configuration. Our technology stack included NodeJS, Ionic React, TypeScript, TypeGraphQL, Express, MongoDB and Apollo Client. Our goal would be to run each service in some sort of Kubernetes cluster in order to scale the application further. One of the biggest challenges is security since we have to create a publicly accessible way for users to log in from any device (iOS, Android, or Web).

Ideally we would also like to implement a testing framework in the future in order to deploy an even better product but in the short time frame we had it was not feasible.

Challenges we ran into

The first version of our solution is not as complete as we would like it to be. We decided to take a slightly harder path by avoiding the use of hard-coded values and instead using a database and queries. While this shows a more incomplete product project currently, in the future this will only make our application more helpful, versatile and useful. While this app is being submitted to the hackathon, our first priority is using our technology skills to improve the lives of all in society from those donating money to those relying on the money. We still have to add a payment method such as Paypal or Stripe so users can easily donate, however, because of security issues, we don't want to fully implement this yet. This is the step that needs to be done before testing can occur with customers, however, so far our users that are testing have had positive outlooks on the future of our application

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working together with a team, coordinating the front-end and the back-end, learning new technologies rapidly. I have never set up a TypeGraphQL Server and I think that Ionic as a really cool front-end framework. I felt I learned quite a bit from this and am proud of that.

What I learned

I learned more about teamwork, communication, and rapidly building an app. There are some setbacks and it isn't always easy to build your idea in the time allotted but it is still important to try and implement best practices.

What's next for recEV

We are going to continue to develop and build the app, add more countries, and create more features to better serve the local communities.

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