A simple, customizable receptionist iPad app built with SupportKit. Receive a message on Slack when someone is at the reception.


  1. git clone
  2. cd receptionkit
  3. This project uses CocoaPods. If you don't have CocoaPods installed already, you must run sudo gem install cocoapods. Learn more here.
  4. pod install
  5. Sign up with SupportKit and copy the App Token from Settings
  6. Configure Slack with SupportKit
  7. Disable Auto Archiving
  8. Open ReceptionKit.xcworkspace with Xcode
  9. Navigate to Config.swift
  10. Replace Config.SupportKit.AppToken with the App Token from SupportKit
  11. Build and run the app (⌘R)



You can send a message to the iPad by using /sk [message] inside the iPad channel (called sk-receptionist by default). If you want the message to be sent in real time, you need to configure push notifications. Otherwise, there may be up to a 5 second delay before the message arrives.


You can set the name of how the receptionist appears in Slack by changing Config.Slack.Name.


SupportKit uses Gravatar to set the user's profile pictures. If you want to set a profile picture, you must set a Gravatar for an email and set Config.Slack.Email to that email.

Channel name

A new channel will be created for each iPad running the app. You can rename the channel using the /rename new-channel-name in Slack.


ReceptionKit uses the contacts on the iPad for searching contacts when a visitor presses the i know the name of the person i am here to see button.

You can sync the iPad with contacts from Google, Outlook, or use any standard way of syncing contacts with iOS.


Background colour

The background colour and the navigation bar colour can be changed in Config.swift by changing Config.Colour.Background and Config.Colour.NavigationBar, respectively, to the colours' hex values.

Image assets

The image assets can be changed by replacing the images in Images.xcassets. The resolutions of the images are:

Image type Resolution
Company logo 800 x 88
Horizontal buttons 2048 x 704
Vertical buttons 1024 x 1408
Delivery logos 800 x 800

Navigation bar


The logo is displayed only in the first view and can be disabled by setting Config.General.ShowLogo to false. Otherwise, you can replace the placeholder logo with your own image (see Image Assets)

Language toggle

The English/French language toggle is enabled by default. You can turn it off by setting Config.General.ShowLanguageToggle to false.

Launch screen

If you wish to customize the launch screen, you must change the LaunchScreen.xib file.


  • The default button images are from Font Awesome
  • The first time you search for a contact, you will have to give the app permission to access the device's contact list
  • You should really, really configure push notifications if you want to send messages to the iPad

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