The VISA process is very difficult for refugees without medical documents. However, these are not easily accessible, especially in conflict and natural disaster areas, and compromised. One of our main sources of inspiration were the Syrian refugee crisis and the Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico.

What it does

Keeps a digital basic medical record for every individual refugee. Allows trusted physicians/entities/immigration officers to access that information through our website.

  • After visiting the provided URL, as judges, please use name "admin" and code "617955" to log into the website
  • To see a sample of our records, visit the tab "look up a patient" and research Paula (first name) Espitia (last name) 05/05/1992 (birth date).
  • To try adding the file of a patient, visit the tab "new patient"
  • Log out when done

How we built it

Website with a database. Built using Python, SQL, Javascript (back-end), and HTML/CSS (front-end).

Challenges we ran into

Since this is the first hackathon of all the team's members, we first struggled to make a concise plan and understand what we were supposed to do. We also faced challenges when connecting the front-end to the back-end to the database of our website. Another hard step was obtaining an available domain and finding a way to make our website live outside the IDE.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have found a topic about which we are equally passionate, and to have integrated all the different languages our team members know. We are also satisfied with our teamwork and project management results.

What we learned

We learned more about the importance of prototyping and UX Design. We sharpened our brainstorming skills and learned about the importance of exposure to different perspectives in order to make our project succeed. We realized how inspiring diversity can be in this kind of situations.

What's next for Recentibus

  • Integrate Google Cloud for the database to increase storage capability
  • Further encryption by making a medical record blockchain
  • Enable trust and identity in society for these refugees
  • Use Gogle Cloud Translation to make the website accessible to all
  • Add ID pictures to our database
  • Enable scanning of medical documents, if available, to authenticate data
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