We've all been there - watching a live stream, premiere of a music video or breaking news on one screen with your phone in hand checking the live reaction on your timeline. Weather we we like it or not this is how we connect these days. helps to connect these two worlds - we provide a realtime feed of shows + your social feed in one place.

What it does

  • We allow you to watch live streams and shows while staying connected to your timeline.
  • tailors the viewing experience so you can hide tweets at anytime, focus on specific trends
  • We also customize the feed so you can place the social feed exactly where you want it on the screen - we even have an option to increase or lower the transparency of the tweets and the size of the feed to what works for you.

How I built it

We started by building the frontend and then connecting that to the Twitter API in real-time

Challenges I ran into

Implementing certain functionality took longer than expected.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got a working product out.

What I learned

Learnt a lot of React and usage of the Twitter API

What's next for

Adding more features - like allowing users to save customized settings server side. Releasing a beta version, We currently only support YouTube in the future we wanna support more video hosting and streaming platforms.

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