We have two members on our team who have spent hundreds of hours working as cashiers. After watching our respective companies go through countless rolls of receipt paper on a regular basis, we felt that it was a pity that 1.5 billion pounds of waste were produced from receipts alone each year in the United States, much of which is simply forgotten about or littered.

What it does

Our project aims to eliminate the waste produced from the receipts that each store constantly prints. The Arduino machine relays the details of the products the customer has bought from the cash register using RFID. When you tap your phone over the Arduino box, it transfers the product names, prices, quantity and other info from the Arduino box, giving the customer a digital receipt. This also serves to help users effortlessly keep track of their receipts.

How we built it

Received uses an RFID reader and Arduino. The code for the user app was written in Python and also utilizes the Walmart API. We also have a prototype of the app viewable on Marvel.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had previous experience making an app, so there was a lot of learning for us to do. We started out trying to code the app in Android Studio but it was extremely time-consuming. Furthermore, the RFID was broken so we weren't able to do any actual testing on the Arduino. This prevented us from being able to make a working demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a project at our first hackathon.

What we learned

Basics of how to code an Android app using Android Studio. We learned how APIs work and how to use relevant APIs as well as the RFID reader.

What's next for Received

We would like to test if the Arduino interacts with phones properly and if the information is transferred efficiently onto the phone.

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