The idea came to me when one of my friends told me about the struggles of using paper receipts, as it is hard for her to manage, track expenses and transactions. So I came home and started researching paper receipts. I learned a lot of facts about receipts but most of them were negative as it contributes to a lot of CO2 emissions and contains harmful elements like BPA and BPS. So then I thought maybe we can do better than paper receipts by introducing digital receipts.

Most of the large businesses already use digital receipts.

But almost 91% of small businesses do not use digital receipts as they do not have sufficient resources.

So we made where small businesses can afford to transform their local business into a greener environment by using digital receipts.

What it does

It allows POS Software to generate digital receipts through our API. where the customer can scan a QR code and either print digitally or add it to their mobile wallet.

How we built it

We used React.js and bootstrap for the front-end and Firebase for storing data.

Challenges we ran into

Main Challenges:

• Communicating efficiently with team members to keep them up to date and keep track of the team’s progress

• Organising our own time effectively to maximize productivity

• Keeping calm under time pressure and maintaining focus throughout the weekend

• Striking a careful balance between reaching out to mentors/team members when we needed help, but also solving some problems individually as to not distract others from their work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The overall look of the website and the web application

What we learned

Things could've gone more smoothly if we had more team members. but it was an amazing experience overall.

What's next for

Adding a feature to export to accounting software like Xero. Customizable receipt templates that businesses can create and publish.

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