Sometimes we want to buy cheap goods, but we don't have such information. We don't know which stores close by to purchase cheap goods and save money. Our application allows users to share their receipt, so that other people can access information about the product price according to what other people bought. A twitter post from HackNYU inspired us in building an innovative and app that can save money. People can converse more and buy more. I mean, who doesn't love cheap stuff right?

What it does

Recognize the items on the receipt and save it as a .csv file or save to the database. Search the cheapest item in the database. All products are stored and can be access through the database system. First, users can take a photo of their receipts and share their receipts on our app. Our application is a text recognizing program that uses OCR to extract the item, unit price, seller's name and location to be stored in the database. The database will be updated every time a user shares a receipt. Consumers can see all datas from shared receipts of other users, as well as search for the cheapest products from seller close by. Points will be contributed every time users purchased products and shared their receipts. Our app will undergo a quick verification to validate the receipt. Coupons will be given to user from the points they earned. Users can save time and money using our app.

How I built it

Frontend: Unity (C#) Backend: Database (sql) Text Processing (Python) Web: Node.js, Javascript

Challenges I ran into

Running python in C# application. Improving accuracy of text recognition and information acquisition. Designing of the database.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It actually worked! We designed and implemented the whole system from back to front and link them together. Every team member made their contributions!

What I learned

Using multiple tools, libraries, technologies to build an application from scratch.

What's next for Receiptify

Cross platform. Specifically, we want to made a web application and a mobile application in the future. People can use the platform they are comfortable with.

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