• People typically save them and give them to an accountant to process or do it themselves. Ends up costing more or taking more time which could be used by other things. Have to manually put in the ledger account, transaction amounts and approve them.
  • Lack of cohesiveness between accountants and small business owners or people submitting receipts and approving them
  • Takes time to look through all the receipts individually to determine whether or not they meet the standards

What it does

  • Receipt Sheep saves people time when needing to file and keep records of receipts
  • A mobile focused interface to easily take records of receipts on the go
    • You take pictures of the receipts and then using OCR, it is parsed and all the useful information is grabbed and automatically populated
  • Receipts are then submitted into a queue for view, editing and approval at any time
    • They can quickly do this by viewing an image of the receipt, the amounts associated with it, the account it will be going into and any other important details
  • The right people can go into the queue and quickly and seamlessly go through every receipt. Can swipe left or right to either approve or send for an escalated review or view more details
  • When a receipt is approved, a journal entry is automatically submitted to an Intuit account through the API
    • For those businesses using Intuit, this works a lot better than the other solutions out there

How I built it

  • Used Node.js backend, JS on the front end,h the use of complex algorithms and machine learning to grab key items from receipts with OCR

Challenges I ran into

  • Getting the OCR to be accurate enough to pull and populate fields with the right data
  • Working with third party finance APIs and integrations

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Application that achieves our end result of being able to seamlessly allow people to handle receipts

What's next for Receipt Sheep

  • Iterating on the OCR algorithms to be as accurate as possible. It already performs better than many industry leading applications and grabs receipt line items. Later on we want to be able to source the account category and other fields automatically
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