We always crumple up our receipts and either throw them out or end up in the laundry. Why not save them for budgeting purposes? Because it is too tedious. And that is why we made Receipt Digitizer.

What it does

User can take a picture of their receipt and then throw it away. The app does the rest by parsing the receipt into strings to be stored in an excel file. This includes every single product and the amount paid for that item.

How I built it

Using Android app (Java) and a server to handle parsing using javascript and node.js

Challenges I ran into

Few accurate OCR libraries for Android

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working as a team to solve a complicated challenge of parsing strings from an OCR library 18 years old!

What I learned

Parsing complicated strings using OCR

What's next for Receipt Digitizer

Clean up the user-interface Integrate with an online spreadsheet service such as Intuit to allow users access to their budgets from multiple devices.

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