We all have major tests coming up next week and have spent the weekend doing this.

What it does

Recap is a full text editor that records as you write. You can then go back and play the lecture, simple by clicking on the part of the lecture you want to listen to. This is no way to sleep during a lecture, as audio is only recorded if you're typing.

Recap also allows you to quickly find definition and information on any terms you may have missed. All you need to do is select a word and definitions will appear from Wolfram Alpha . You can also graph equations or check if very large numbers are prime (whatever wolfram will do)

How we built it

It was built off React, with some backend python and APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Getting React to render when we want it to render (getting React to react. Haha! Joke!)

Being sick

Managing a live database, and fragments of text from the editor.

Understanding concepts in React

Playing back sections of recordings

not accidentally ddosing ourselves

What we learned

Much of the team worked with React for the first time, and also had to learn how to deal with sending Wolfram API calls from the client side and having it live update.

What's next for Recap

Recap will soon feature more classroom management, to make it easier for peers to connect their notes and for professors to track their student's progress. Additionally, it can support transcriptions, and then let students know which part of the lecture they might have accidentally slept through.

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