RecallOnTheGo Lite is a basic Android application allowing a family member or caregiver to enter an instruction or response to a given task that a dementia patient is struggling with.

Examples include : medication, hygiene, keys and do on.

The Android APP will speak the instructions or text string to the dementia patient in addition to play an Android animation. This Android APP is very customizable and allows to address a wide range or response for dementia patients at all stages of the illness.

RecallOnTheGo PROF (or Professional) edition is further enhanced with more functionality to take advantage of more features of the android sdk. Each task can be assign a severity index of either MILD, MODERATE or SEVERE and the response is tailored at either a Speech and Animation Queue.

Possible enhancements include tailoring the response according to the severity index, categorizing tasks as APPOINTMENTS or LOCATION. If a task is categorized as an APPOINTMENT then it could respond to a Android Calendar Notification. If a task is categorized as an LOCATION then the user can be prompted to enter an address and displayed on an Google Map.

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