RecallAllTheThings notifies customers of recalls based on purchase data companies already gather. Until now most recalls remain unnoticed by the majority of affected customers, although they are supposed to serve an important case. Most of all products that get recalled could seriously affect the security and well-being of their unknowing users.

Leveraging the Salesforce platform enables companies to add value to their business and make it more appealing to customers by being safety-aware. The combination of a robust and comprehensive recall API together with sales information companies gather anyways, provides a great opportunity to effectively notify customers of only those recalls, that affect them. All while using modern and time-critical communication channels, e.g. Twitter, Email or Smartwatch Notifications.

Dedicated decision makers can use the Salesforce1 app to send those recall information to their affected customer base and keep track of all recalls that concern products the company offers. Dependening on the severity of the recall they can decide on the type of message and userbase.

Let's make the world a safer place by effectively distributing recall information to your customers before it is too late.

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