Illegal robocalls are a major problem in our technologically advanced time. The reCall system provides a technologically advanced solution to minimize the impact of these calls on consumers and significantly reduce their effectiveness for solicitors. reCall uses a structured approach to deal with each call type differently depending on its relationship to the caller. At the core, this system uses an innovative CAPTCHA method to effectively distinguish between human and computer callers through an entirely audible challenge and response.

The reCall system is prepared for implementation as both a software application for mobile phones and as a separate electronics unit for landline phones. By using already available technology and working within the current infrastructure of the phone system, reCall is able to attack the robocall problem today. The architecture of the solution, however, enables it to take advantage to any future improvements to the phone system infrastructure and to continue to improve and update to defeat robocallers for generations to come. reCall is the tool to finally stop those annoying robocalls.

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