I have owned a calculator with broken keys in the past, and found it both fun and intriguing to try and work around the limitations to be able to yield the same answer!

What it does

There are 30 levels with varying objective numbers and key combinations. You can navigate through each level from the home page. The calculator in each level has a listed objective number, and you have to use the allotted functions and number keys on the calculator to output the desired value. It gets quite difficult as less and less keys are available!

How I built it

I used basic vanilla javascript, css, and html to build this website.

Challenges I ran into

This hack-a-thon, I was quite discouraged a majority of the time; due to a combination of problems, I had to switch up my idea multiple times since I wouldn't have been able to produce a prototype in time, the technologies I tried to use were finicky, among other issues. More than two-thirds the way into the event, I had not written a single line of code that I kept. I considered giving up and waiting for the next opportunity. However, some fellow hackers encouraged me to submit anything. no matter how silly or incomplete. Even code that has errors. I felt empowered by their support, and I worked tirelessly to create this game! I am very proud of what I was able to produce, something I have not felt at a hack-a-thon yet! I am so grateful and fulfilled to have finally been able to submit a project!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first hack-a-thon that I actually made a submission to! I have been scared and reluctant to submit in the past, but I mustered up the courage to do so this time, and for that I am grateful to all of the mentors, organizers, and fellow hackers who have helped me get here!

What I learned

I learned how to cope with frustration and working efficiently under a time constraint, and to NEVER GIVE UP.

What's next for Recalculating...

I will implement the last 20 levels, and work on making a level creator for the user to design, in addition to a gallery/collection of user created levels for others to puzzle out. I will also consider adding a speedrun mode, to try and blitz a series of levels as fast as possible.

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