Planning get-togethers has never been easy. With the number of people involved and the conflicting times, there is a lot of hassle involved with planning an event, so we wanted something that would eliminate that inefficiency.

What it does

After logging in with Facebook, the user has the option to create a new event or go and view existing events that they have made/have been invited to attend. By creating a new event, they are able to add a name of the event, location, a range of dates within which they believe the event should be held, invite their friends and upload an event picture. After their friends have been invited, from the range of dates set by the creator, they choose whichever days work for them. In addition, Google Calendar allows for their schedule to be checked to automatically check when they are available on the selected days. Overall the app will then show everyone the optimal date and time for the event to be held. On the day of the event, it is possible to get an Uber to that location from within the app.

How I built it

Based off of our ideas for what we wanted the app to be able to do (reduce the inefficiencies of manually planning out events), we began designing what it would look like and how it would flow. We started with front end development at the beginning and progressively incorporated backend.

Challenges I ran into

There were a few Parse related issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned how to implement the Facebook, Google Calendar, Google Places, and Uber APIs.

What I learned

Same as the accomplishments.

What's next for Rebus

Touching up and work for an upcoming release.

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