E-commerce is a team effort, which we compare to a game of basketball. For each sale: a company takes a shot and if that shot goes through the hoop the sale is made. However with many shots the ball bounces on the rim and doesn’t go through at first. Enter: Rebound.

Rebound is a web api for ecommerce websites that entice customers to make purchases. We believe that customers are more prone to make purchases if there is a social connection. Users will be able to see if their friends have already made a purchase and based upon that data they can make more social purchases.

We are breaking up purchases into three categories: products, events, or services.

For a product users can see if their facebook friends or celebrities (verified facebook users) have purchased the product that they are about to purchase. Once they have purchased a product they will be offered the option to post on the companies behalf for a discount where other facebook friends can view the products that they have bought.

Our api allows companies to embed our service with a couple of lines of code. Our api allows companies to add standard open graph data to their site which other social media services such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter can easily understand.

We believe that storefronts are behind with using social media effectively to attract customers. We created an api that can easily help them close sales.

We are looking for clients to try out our service and investors who believe in our passion.

For more info please contact us at

scottgoldwater@gmail.com debbas@outlook.com

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