Base on a recent survey that we did with over 50 freelancers and self-employed participants , 87.5% of their jobs were cancelled, 72.9% of them has no income and 60% has insufficient income to get by.

The COVID-19 epidemic has put many out of jobs. Businesses of freelancers and self-employed have come to a halt.

The idea of employment and what it means to be employed is evolving beyond recognition and even more so for the gig economy.

What it does

The SG United Work Campaign hopes to create 25,000 jobs & assignments for the unemployed, freelancers and self-employed base in Singapore. We aim to gather 100 companies to pledge to this campaign with the hope to achieve our goal by 31 December 2021.

Through the SG United Work platform we hope to create opportunities matching companies with talents, supporting the growth of the economy and helping freelancers, self-employed and the unemployed find work.

3 key focus areas:

Eases cash flow problems for companies and businesses looking to restart

Creates job opportunities for job seekers

Creates a talent pool for human resource to tap into to find the ideal job match

How I built it

Frontend - Flutter on Dart

Backend - Golang and gRPC

Cloud Platforms - Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, AWS

CDN - CloudFlare

We are developing a mobile app to facilitate and support the process and at the same time creating community outreach through social media.

Challenges I ran into

We have created a survey, a campaign and an app but we were unable to reach out to as many people as we hope.

Companies may be reluctant to participate in the campaign as they are reducing their headcounts and may not be looking to spend unless they will benefit through the process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Freelancers and self-employed persons move around quite a bit due to their jobs. They could be full-time workers doing part-time gigs or simply moving around to provide services as a requirement. To assist with contract tracing and transparency in transactions, we have integrated contact tracing features for assignments that require the independent service provider to leave their home.

What I learned

Through using smart nation initiatives we can quickly create solutions and implement them fast enough. And we are happy to be able to share our insights and solutions to better support the freelancer and self-employed workers.

What's next for SG United Work

SG United.Work will be a mobile job portal. The go-to-platform for human resource department to seek potential talents; for organisations to outsource short term projects, without incurring high labour cost by having excess headcount.

We hope to have the support of the government and it’s various agencies to promote the solution and join the campaign. As we not only creating jobs but also helping freelancers and self-employed to digitise their business from discovery all the way to payments. Integrated with some key Smart Nation initiatives.

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