The main inspiration for me was the Goddess Venus. Who, if not her, can reveal the secret of beauty. So I decided to do the AR show 'Rebirth of Venus' - where the main idea is to show that fashion also goes with the times and with the help of lenses you can make shows even more fascinating and interactive. And also to keep the audience intrigued.

What it does

You appear as a sculpture of Venus. When you tilt your head, the statue is reborn as a modern incarnation of beauty. The feathers on the dress are in constant motion, creating an interactive

How we built it

• Sculpture model (Blender) and its clothing (CLO3D), texturing (Substance Painter), and rigging (Blender)
• Sculpture decay (Blender)
• Dress model (CLO3D) , texturing (Substance Painter) and fitting in lens studio
• Smoke Effects (Lens Studio)
• Shake effects (Lens Studio)
• Creating 3d models of feathers (Blender) , texturing (Substance Painter) and animation (Lens Studio).

Challenges we ran into

• Recreating a complex animation of the statue's decay (considering its mobility)
• Choice of triggering the lens animation (taking into account its distance from the object)
• Compressing a large number of textures within the project )
• Fitting the dress to the figure ( because of the complexity of the model)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud to be able to present my own fashion show with a lens, it's really incredible

What we learned

• Using complex animation within Lens Studio
• Using clothes simulation for volumetric accessories
• Clothing changes and animation using java script

What's next for Rebirth of Venus

I plan to continue my developments in the theme of fashion shows, to make even more complex and intriguing animations, to offer new models of clothing

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