This is a highly demanded app at our school and it also seems like a fun project to do.

What it does

Using the app, users can submit the cover fee and their own rating of the current atmosphere for a certain location or just simply view the data. Users are only allowed to report once every 15 minutes, and every time a new value is submitted the data will be updated real-time on the client.

How we built it

We use a Node.js and MongoDB backend to build our Rest API, React for our web app with the help of Ant Design as the UI library and also utilize Everything is hosted on Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the team members are not familiar with the technology stack so there was a big learning curve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's a working project and it looks great!

What we learned

Building a web app using NoSQL and Javascript across the whole technology stack.

What's next for RebelRadar

  • Using GeoFence to prevent people from submitting when they're not actually around the bar
  • Allow restaurants/bars to update the info themselves and mark the info as verified
  • Get the app out to Ole Miss and other campuses!
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