Due to the ongoing pandemic, everyone is working remotely! This puts immense pressure on Internet services and often leads to slow internet connection bandwidths. The pandemic has given us enough trouble already where in slow internet just makes it worse :- halted work zoom calls, repetitively cut and unclear voices, connection dropping just at the time of payments or exactly when you're about to submit a project for a hackathon. To top that, getting in touch with your internet service provider to complain and actually getting your problem resolved is next to impossible, taking up another half of your day.

What it does

'Rebel', a python based program, which checks your internet speed every 2 hours and if the current speed (inclusive of both download and upload speeds) is less than 80% of what the user is actually paying for to the internet service provider: The program tweets and tags the service's twitter handle, notifying them of the actual current speed and expected speed, all on its own. The user only inputs the expected speed one time; rest is taken care of by the program. Thus the program removes the hassle of contacting your internet service provider every time you use the internet, keeps the company in check, makes working remotely more efficient and saves half your day!

Challenges we ran into

-The most troublesome challenge was building and communicating via skype with slow internet speed, lagging videos and muffled voices motivated us further to make this program.

-Secondly, running a certain part of code without asking for input from the user required us to use a python library we weren't familiar with. (Advanced Python Scheduler)

-The url for the speedtest image was generated only when we ran the speedtest code on the command line interface. Thus we needed a way to collect the output generated by the command line in Python.

-Initial script of the main code was written in a linux based computer so some parts were coded in bash. To integrate those ideas into the project and make the whole code pythonic was challenging.

-One person in the team was new to python so others got the opportunity to mentor him and that was challenging for the person to digest such information in a small amount of time.

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