As consumers, we always seek to find great deals, especially for awesome clothing trends that could make a huge dent in your pocket. ReBay provides a unique method of online shopping that not only guarantees lower prices for customers but also quicker response times and transactions.

What it does

ReBay, just like the name suggests, is a revamped, reverse eBay. Instead of searching online for hours at a time trying to get a good price, customers send out their business instead. Sellers then respond to the customer's postings with their own items to sell at a set price. Bidding then goes downwards and makes shopping faster because people are more likely to want to make money than spend it (like eBay forces you to do).

How We built it

We built this using Javascript, CSS, and HTML, but added a spin on things by integrating Firebase which we used for storage and databases. This website consisted of many apps and lots of language unique to Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

It was very challenging to grasp the concept of NOSQL and to integrate Firebase when none of us had any experience doing things like that. Furthermore, 3/4 people on our team had no prior experience with HTML, CSS, or Javascript, and they learned very quickly while working. Lots of bugs occurred and due to the large mass of scripting, it was very hard to pinpoint specific errors (like semicolons, parentheses, etc.). Reading and writing to the storage and databases were incredibly difficult but ultimately very rewarding as our website came to life.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully used Firebase, reading and writing to it like we had no care in the world. We also learned a lot about web services and domains. Something awesome was multiple people being able to use the website and see live updates because that was something completely new to us.

What we learned

We learned so much about Javascript, CSS, HTML, and Firebase. This also taught us a lot about servers (even though we didn't have to host one ourselves). We got familiar with the general reading/writing practices to storage/databases. Also, through our research at the very beginning, we learned a lot about web services and domains.

What's next for ReBay

Improve user interface, clean up code, add search function, add login page/accounts, make a final purchase button

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