Knowing about all options, jumping between assets and sending a new transaction for every change with its gas price and latency, is not only a hassle. It's expensive. Therefore we've merged all DeFi options into an easy Defi dashboard called Rebalance. All transactions are batched together so you only send 1 single transaction for the whole rebalancing process. This means you can make hundreds of purchases and sells of assets with a single click!

What it does

Rebalance is an example of the Ethereum ecosystem maturing. Our service is an implementation that talks to different elements in the ecosystem. We have a small custom implementation handling acceptance of transactions, and a small custom implementation allowing the sending of several swaps in the same transaction.

How we built it

Created a prototype for the IDEO hackathon using Uniswap. Now we're moving to Kyber and integrating with all the partners.

Challenges we ran into

UX. Making DeFi fluid and easy is hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The UI.

What we learned

How to integrate with all of these Finance Legos.

What's next for Rebalance

Let's win this hackathon first, then we'll see!

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