One day a person gave me a document to reproduce, more than 20 pages and the design and structure had to change. So I started to write and I was tired. After that I started looking for tools to make the task easier and most of them were paying. Then i tried to look at some solutions that i can build to solve this problem, and this year i have the opportunity to build it and release it as opensource to help others.

What it does

This web application helps you to extract the text inside an image based on javascript.

How I built it

This web application has been build using React and Tesseract.js

Challenges I ran into

  • Upload a file and receive the response from the server
  • Integrate Tesseract.js with React

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Use Tesseract.js Library
  • Use React Hooks such as useState, useEffect
  • Implement OCR Conversion just with javascript
  • Finish the project, write an article about it where I explain how it works. ## What I learned I learned how to work with tesseract.js, how to use useState and useEffect react hooks, and much more

What's next for React-OCR


I planned to add:

  • Update the user interface
  • Pdf and work text extraction support
  • Take a snapshot with phone and convert it
  • Add support for many languages because now it just support english
  • Make it more faster

Built With

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