During a presentation at another hackathon, issues were faced when trying to coordinate between multiple projected screens. Awkward neck-aching turns were required to coordinate the whole presentation. What if there could be a "rear view mirror" to see what's going on on the external displays, hence making such coordination less awkward and more neck-relieving?

What it does

Rear View Mirror (RVM) provides a picture-in-picture overview of the multiple display outputs on your main screen. This allow for easy coordination between extended screens during presentations without having to look at the projected screens anymore.

How we built it

We used electron.js as we are already familiar with JavaScript and it provided the relevant APIs needed to accomplish our project.

Challenges we ran into

We had to figure out why streaming is not working and turns out it's due to macOS's security safeguards for screen-recording. Furthermore, dynamic sizing of the picture-in-picture overview proved to be tedious.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works satisfactorily.

What we learned

Super Snacks opens till 2am. The food is good.

What's next for Rear View Mirror

A re-write in swift to access the native macOS' screen streaming APIs directly. Electron.js is a resource hog and is not suitable for such a program, but is sufficient for a proof-of-concept during the hackathon due to the time crunch.

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