Every real estate professional is concerned with lead generation. Currently, agents and brokers are spending more time worrying about leads and how to advertise than actually selling properties. We decided it was time to change. Now, real estate professionals can create beautiful, ready-to-go ads with only a few clicks

What it does

Organic IDX Facebook Ads connects IDX listings from brokers' websites to Facebook's Dynamic Ads. With this website feature, users can choose which listings will be sent to Facebook's Listing Catalogue with the click of a button. From Facebook's Ad Manager, users can quickly choose which of these listings in their catalogue to display as ads. Already pre-configured, ads automatically link to the single-property page of that listing, or can be changed to a custom landing page. All users must do is define their target, add their optional captions and click "create ad."

How we built it

This feature is built for the WordPress platform using PHP, Javascript, and HTML/CSS languages as well as integrating from Facebook's end with their Graph API and Business (or Ad) API.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge in this project was finding appropriate and useful documentation from Facebook about their API's and technology. Without this crucial information, it was difficult to configure our feature correctly. Luckily the old, out-dated documentation gave us some clues and we were still able to get the project completed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Facebook Ads are nothing new, and importing information has been done my marketing companies, but very very few, if any, technologies exist out there exclusively for real estate. We are proud to provide such a unique and needed service.

What we learned

Making a feature like this is not exactly easy, but it is absolutely necessary for the consumers. Consumers are too busy to learn all the details of how ads work, how to link their websites, or how to factor in SEO. They need simple. We learned through this process that sometimes simpler is the better option.

What's next for Realtyna's Organic IDX Facebook Ads

As this functionality is brand new, many plans are being made to improve it. We plan to add more features and functionalities to Organic IDX Facebook Ads, such as autorization, analytics, frontend design and more.

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