Story: Say, you are planning to buy a house. Two options lie in front of you: Either settle for the pictures that a broker shows you, or go to each of the houses that you 'think' are good for you! What if you could sit at home, watch all of those beautiful houses as though you were seeing them in real. Turn and twirl all you want and still watch the blue sky above your future house, and all of this sitting in your couch.

Working: An image is loaded to the app. Through a series of mechanisms the image is processed and a 3 dimensional version of it is rendered which can be visualized in a Google cardboard.

Challenges faced: Wireless communication between the phones, rendering images as 3-D

We are proud of: We believe we made the process of buying, renting buildings, real estate so much more simpler to people. Even though we see a lot of pictures of the place, it is not like seeing the actual place itself. With our app, people can get a real experience of the place without having to undergo the pain of going to the place itself!

What I learned: Being novices, in android and Java we gained a better understanding of the android platform. Using the Google cardboard was also a new experience.

What next: We plan to let the image sharing happen in real time, i.e, one user can send the image and the other can see through the first in real time.

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