Honestly, I've got to say monitoring politicans for their consistency is kinda useless. Politicans will say what will benefit their constituents in only certain time period. Beyond that, .. they can say completely contradicts what they said previously: as long as it will benefit their own agenda at that miniscule time.

So, shall I just drop this hackathon project anway?

What it does

.. But no. As a good citizens, it is our duty to make sure those politicians stay in their path. Or at least, stay in their values that they say they will hold up. To do this, we are going to build a realtime monitoring system for citizens, to monitor their closedly watch politicians for their leaning on major issues.

How we built it

We use Django for the backend with regular Celery worker that will scrap registered social media account (just twitter for now, but we may add later if time permit). This will then get consumed by and analyze. We will then render this data into informative user dashboard. We will also utilize Firebase to send push notifications to users, if there is new report for their watched politicians/public figure.

Challenges we ran into

Seems okay for now

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not yet, still working

What we learned

We learn how sleek it is to build a PWA applications, that support sentimen analysis feature!

What's next for Realtime Politicians Watcher

We will publish this nationally, and will try to generate traction as high as possible and then put Adsense into it. With this, we expect to have stable revenue. Why? Because here in Indonesia, people are just so tend to discuss about politics!

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