Due to the coronavirus spread, a lot of people are starting to practice social distancing / self-quarantine. However, there are times we need to go out, to buy groceries, for example. During those times, we'd want to prevent going to infected areas. This app provides a realtime map of infected areas by crowdsourcing user data.

What it does

It's a mobile app that shows a map of infected areas in realtime. Users with the mobile app installed will have their gps data recorded periodically. If the user turned out to be infected, officials can see where the user has been for the last x days and disinfect those areas. The user can also update that they are infected and their GPS data will be made available on the map (with verification).

What's next for Realtime Infection Map

  1. Find/design mock/prototype
  2. Designing the system
  3. Implementation
  4. Cooperate with Find The Cluster team to display possibly infected areas
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