We saw that the internet and the recent uprising of computers, was actually driving spaces in between our community. People were no longer having proper interactions between each other

Also, a lot of the idea, came from talking with some of our friends. This was where we realised that, using skype and other tools to try to collaborate (sometimes start videos at the same time), was a horrible experience. Hence we started to ponder about how to use this latest technology (real time collaboration), to give users human interaction over the internet, with literally no boundaries!

How it works

We used a framework, named TogetherJS, and extended it. For the whiteboard app, we made an HTML5 canvas application, and sent messages to the HUB server. The messages sent to the HUB server are then distributed to all the other users on that specific session. These messages then trigger different events, which handle the real time collaboration experience for our users!

Challenges I ran into

Managing the repository between 4 people, while all are trying to develop. Also, stopping the pauses and seeks from going into infinite loops!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a whiteboard, music streaming and video streaming application in less than 24 hours!

What I learned

How to work with a team and also how to manage problems, even when the environment is not optimal (slow internet).

What's next for RealTC

Making more seamless collaboration tools and integrate them in such a way, that people can collaborate without needing any extra sources!

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