I believe that rap music is really misunderstood in the modern world. Tons of people believe that rap is either super gangster, or not to be taken seriously. Both sentiment's are bad, gangster implies violence, not to be taken seriously implies marginalizing part of a people's culture (namely african americans). I aim to draw the line between these two sentiments, and assign a gradient to rap music.

What it does

It uses API to parse through song lyrics that are fed to it via url. It performs sentiment analysis on the song, and can tell you a ton of emoitions like mad, sad, happy, negative, positive, joy, anger, etc.. Once it assigns a quantitative number to the song, it may rank that song amongst other rap music, that way people can search amongst the gradient.

How I built it

I build it by using Alchemy API to handle all sentiment analysis features. I call that API, after running through playlist information (song title, artist) through Spotify API, scrape the webpage, and perform sentiment analysis.

Challenges I ran into

Calling the API after Spotify. Didn't really know what to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even with negative words about negative concepts, Alchemy was able to assign overal positive sentiments to songs whose underlying meanings were positive.

What I learned

Need to switch my major to CS. LOL.

What's next for realTalk

Developing a mobile app so that people can sort through their itunes library/any library and perform sentiment analysis.

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