Inspiration: All of us struggle with getting stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious- especially during the school year. We wanted to create something that could help students in similar situations to us.

What it does: It provides students with several different options for coping methods based on their emotions- personalized for what would best fit for them at the time.

How we built it: With Expo and React Native

Challenges we ran into: We are all new to JavaScript and programming in general- so we did not know how to deal with errors we ran into or even how to write out a certain code to accomplish our vision.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud of creating an appealing interface, and an app that is working relatively smoothly for our first time ever making one.

What we learned: We learned almost an entirely new language- JavaScript- as well as some psychological things such as how to deal with frustration, a time restraint, and varying skills within a group setting.

What's next for RealTalk Hack Chicago 2018: We are planning on getting into contact with the developer of anxietyhelper, an app currently available on the iOS app store which is similar to ours, and discuss what we can do to go further with our idea- and learn more about everything we need to think about before taking any next steps.

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