So it turns out a lot of people in Sydney rent, including myself. Renters look at different factors such as the price, commute time and shops nearby to choose a place.

Renters need to make a choice: whether to move to a less expensive place but with a longer commute time or vice versa? What about the extra transport cost?

What if there was a web app to compare commute time and rent price to work out whether its better to move to a new location?

What it does

RealSpeck compares potential places with rental costs and commuting time to work.

How we built it

  • Ruby on Rails
  • A lot of gems

Challenges we ran into

  • Github: Merged branch and accidentally wiped out commits
  • APIs: Not enough experience with RESTful APIs with Rails
  • Algorithm: underestimated the effort to combine and implement APIs
  • Team: coordination difficulties

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Homepage done and deployed on Heroku

What we learned

  • Need better planning next time

What's next for RealSpeck

  • Needs more time to develop

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