Realm of the Forgotten

Goals in Development

A text-based RPG web app whose goal is to streamline adventure for both the players and their DM. We hope to bring together the RPG tools we have developed into an effective system that players can use to not only help them run campaigns, but also to help them plan, organize, and develop campaigns as well.

Basis of Development

We decided to build this web app as a means to not only help ourselves by building something that we would use on a daily basis, but also to allow for others to be able to make use of the tools we wanted to develop. The goal in developing a text-based RPG web app, stems from our inability to find quality web based applications on which to host our games, the best of which did not include tools we were looking for in a format we were hoping to see. As such, during this hackathon we made our first attempt at web app design and implemented the tools we saw a need for into our own web app for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Development Process

During the course of this Hackathon, the two of us worked on very different sides of development. Orion worked on

Planned Features

Online Chat Room
Online Character Sheet Storage
Dice Roller
Initiative Tracking Random Character Generator

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