Realm Inspiration

Our inspiration stemmed from our fascination in the growing fields of AR and virtual worlds, from full-body tracking to 3D-visualization. We were interested in realizing ideas in this space, specifically with sensor detecting movements and seamlessly integrating 3D gestures. We felt that the prime way we could display our interest in this technology and the potential was to communicate using it. This is what led us to create Realm, a technology that allows users to create dynamic, collaborative, presentations with voice commands, image searches and complete body-tracking for the most customizable and interactive presentations. We envision an increased ease in dynamic presentations and limitless collaborative work spaces with improvements to technology like Realm.

Realm Tech Stack

Web View (AWS SageMaker, S3, Lex, DynamoDB and ReactJS): Realm's stack relies heavily on its reliance on AWS. We begin by receiving images from the frontend and passing it into SageMaker where the images are tagged corresponding to their content. These tags, and the images themselves, are put into an S3 bucket. Amazon Lex is used for dialog flow, where text is parsed and tools, animations or simple images are chosen. The Amazon Lex commands are completed by parsing through the S3 Bucket, selecting the desired image, and storing the image URL with all other on-screen images on to DynamoDB. The list of URLs are posted on an endpoint that Swift calls to render.

AR View ( AR-kit, Swift ): The Realm app renders text, images, slides and SCN animations in pixel perfect AR models that are interactive and are interactive with a physics engine. Some of the models we have included in our demo, are presentation functionality and rain interacting with an umbrella. Swift 3 allows full body tracking and we configure the tools to provide optimal tracking and placement gestures. Users can move objects in their hands, place objects and interact with 3D items to enhance the presentation.

Applications of Realm:

In the future we hope to see our idea implemented in real workplaces in the future. We see classrooms using Realm to provide students interactive spaces to learn, professional employees a way to create interactive presentations, teams to come together and collaborate as easy as possible and so much more. Extensions include creating more animated/interactive AR features and real-time collaboration methods. We hope to further polish our features for usage in industries such as AR/VR gaming & marketing.

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