Tyler has a VR compatible phone and my little brother only pays attention in school when he's entertained so we decided to fix that problem

What it does

It is a VR app that has a nice galaxy scenery which allows children to engage in Astronomy and Computer science by hovering over the word. For Astronomy, majority of the solar system was displayed in 360 mode with a fun fact allowing students to be highly engaged. It also teaches students how to count in binary

How we built it

we built it with C#, Unity, VR sdk, and redbull.

Challenges we ran into

we ran into too many problems, our ideas were constantly road block because of VR support and lack of tutorials

Accomplishments that we're proud of

that we built this with very little online or personal help and helping students pay attention to material

What we learned

we learned that it is harder than it looks to create something simple and fun

What's next for Reality Classroom

more subject and addition of videos and google cardboard

Built With

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