We were inspired to create this game by the challenges we face in our day to day lives. Many of us students and people in general feel inadequet about the choiecs we make and sometimes want a do-over. However, unlike other life simulation video games, ours doesn't sugarcoat it and allows the player to experience harsh realities of life. We wanted to emphasize to the users that it isn't about how you start but about how you end up.

What it does

This video game is a strategic game where users pick various options as they go through life. Users pick these options by submitting their choice by typing it into the terminal.

How we built it

We created this prototype on and with the language Python.

Challenges we ran into

When we wanted to put the terminal on a website, we couldn't because we had wrote it in Python. We decided to leave it in Python since we didn't have time to translate it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud about how the menu responds to the users' input and can transition from in and out of the menu.

What we learned

We learned that doing an outline of your code is extremely important and can help you from getting lost along the way.

What's next for Reality Check

After creating a more detailed outline of the game, we hope to rewrite the game into javaScript so we can run it on a website or compile the python file to make a .app file for mac terminals. We want to flush the game out and give it more choices and create the different endings.

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