its REAL fake plots! Generated for YOU. All you tell us is how CRAZY you want them

here are some samples from most to least crazy

The female-marved, rich snobby visual follitate singer Radhe Klinghwaries, but her mother is his wife, Alwars, but every night lawsees the newlywed's bizarre tasses and the festivities she herself shares her already married.

A beautiful college factory worker finds his son Tracy has returned from Punkhille, who thinks her mind get his appearance but who wants to search for a job in a gambling duo market in the village, and his girlfriend is killed by a witch. Their story takes place in an up-sort-ow-related police-station in the city. It is their relationship even as the remains of the victim are inadvertently he recalls his songs by means of a scientific experiment with a man who were sold in the streets and credit illusions.

Young couple Laurette Humphrey begins a mysterious fight against the two men and a kindergarter.

A group of small-time college students start to find a way to stop the police and the world of all the other consequences.

A story about a man who has a secret affair with his sister and step-mother (and her boyfriend) with a promotion by the man who has been sent to a party for him. After several years later, the couple seek the aid of the state of Natural History. The two fall in love with each other. The couple and the general player transport the terrorist on the streets of San Francisco with the same participation of the previous ownership of the show.

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