Like all of you, we are inspired by the potential of virtual and augmented reality to take us to places limited only by our imagination.

At RealTour we are excited by the potential of this new medium to take us to real places across the globe.

Imagine you are able to navigate to any space using just your gaze.

What if you could have a voice recognizing digital assistant with all the advancements of machine learning and adaptive technology?

The real estate market is over 25 trillion dollars. What if a realtor could showcase a property without leaving his or her office?

RealTour brings together real estate agents and potential property buyers around the world within the environment that they are exploring.

A potential property buyer visits properties specially curated by her realtor. She can visit more properties without going through the expense of flying or the time required to visit multiple destinations.

The realtor can visit places and curate them for his client before a single mile is driven. He can map out and better budget his time in order to find that amazing property for his client.

We built this application using Unity, C# and pmd, which is the depth rendering technology behind Google Project Tango.

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