In the midst of a global pandemic, it is important that we provide the next generation of students with quality education

What it does

We created a site we called RealTimeTutors that tries to match students to tutors based on subject and availability

How I built it

We built our project using React. First we up a basic website and included components for forms that would be affected by events. For example, putting input into the form for tutor registration would change a state that would be stored and displayed on the available tutors when a student matched based on subject and availability. We also used our basic knowledge of html and CSS to

Challenges I ran into

For many of us, it was our first time using React and we had limited Javascript experience, so we had to look up a lot of syntax to combine Javascript with HTML/CSS via React. We also ran out of time so we weren't able to aesthetically style the other pages

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We gained a lot of exposure to React to build front end websites and became more comfortable using HTML and CSS, along with incorporating Javascript to create a non-static website

What I learned

We gained familiarity with React and learned how we can use the React framework to incorporate HTML and CSS with Javascript more easily and seamlessly to create a website

What's next for Real Time Tutor

We hope to see if this website can be used as a free and simple way to connect local students with tutors based on availability and subjects. We want to add a chat feature so that students can instantly be connected with a mentor instead of the current email format. We also want to add additional styles to the other pages and improve the user interface

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