Many people are shopping on Wayfair at the same time. How can we detect real time shopping patterns and send targeted notifications to users so they get useful social proof that helps them moves down the funnel?

What it does

Listens for real time events as people shop. Events like PDP views, add to cart and purchases. An event mining service pulls pattern from this data and sends notification for popular SKUs when people are taking action on that SKU like browsing, adding to cart etc.

How we built it

Used scribe events and built a web-service to pull pattern from event data. PDP makes an ajax request to this service to check if this SKU wins the popularity contest.

Challenges we ran into

Deciding storage for real-time data. Debated different ways to mine the information for best effectiveness.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our service works real-time in dev

What we learned

This is very useful feature. Keeping track of real-time data is hard.

What's next for Real-Time Social Proof

We need much better mining services, perhaps use machine learning to discover patterns.

Try browsing SKUs in dev on ssonawane's dev env.

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