These proactive technologies and methodologies can   1)  Prevent imminent and severe acts of sexual violence & reduce the rate of violent criminal and sexual recidivism.   2) Break down cross agency data silos to provide cross-disciplinary acute dynamic community supervision &  crisis risk management technologies and methodologies required for Police, Parole Officers, Schools, and Social Service Behavior Interventionists to efficiently and effectively manage the highest risk for violence sexual offenders for reentry/aftercare  in the community.   3) Identify which individual sex offenders are most in need of 24x7 real time  electronic monitoring, applied behavior analysis and individualized developmental supports to reduce the risk of imminent and severe criminal and sexual violence.   4)  Applied Behavior Analysis that automatically and non-intrusively monitors and measures in real time the success or failure of individualized interventions and treatments to help the most violent sex offenders desist from recidivist sexual violence.   Real time risk management methodologies and technologies cannot be executed in one database under a single parole officer or one law enforcement or criminal justice agency and must be inter-operable and integrated with other social service, school, and mental health government agencies as well.    An integrated multi-agency real time risk management approach includes   1) Actuarial Risk Assessment Instruments (AI) in combination with quantifiable Anamnestic Risk/Needs Assessment or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that provides on-going and continuous acute dynamic risk assessment/performance measures    2) National Information Exchange Model ( Automated, Continuous, Non-Intrusive Cross-Domain Information Sharing and Cross-Disciplinary Dynamic Community Supervision of violent sex offenders based on Predictive Analytic ABA    3) Automated, Non-intrusive, 24x7 individual GPS monitoring can alert 24x7 Police, Parole Officers & Case/Crisis Managers in REAL TIME when violent sex offenders have violated geo-coded curfew, hot spots, territorial restrictions and exclusion zones without having to rely on any outsourced monitoring centers or parole officers having to log in to outside web sites and make individual manual queries to check on the real time status of a violent offender. 4) The ability to electronically monitor, track, & measure each individual violent offender’s   Substance Abuse Behaviors 24x7 in anywhere, anytime FERPA & HIPAA compliant Risk Management Portals without having to rely on any outsourced substance abuse testing or parole officers having to log in to outside web sites and make individual manual queries to check on the substance abuse status of a violent offender   

  1. The ability to automatically monitor and non-intrusively track in real time individual violent offender’s activities on social networking websites, chat rooms. Parole Officers and Law Enforcement can track in real time what the most violent sex offender has written, read, heard, forwarded and retained on their computers
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