Cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm! This means we don’t have a solid VIX or other market variables to truly be able to predict price changes. This further implies extremely high volatility that makes investing in crypto a gamble, more so than other investments. Our goal is for our hack to predict prices based on historical market data and recompile new data to generate an accurate prediction (within normal standard deviations)

What it does

Creating a price predictor that displayed not only numerical data but graphical representations as well. Considerations: Finhub Push time:15 minutes Ability to access minute resolution at 500 datapoints*minute

How we built it

The following components were put together to help create the graphs and data displayed. The databases served as our data sources and react was used to bring it all together and display everything. Finhub Docker React Multiple databases for data Neural Network Pytorch JSON

Challenges we ran into

Updates not fast enough

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The graph looks really clean

What we learned

How to use flask and how to use neural networks

What's next for Real Time Price Prediction

In the future we plan to continue working on the accuracy of the predictions as well as being able to provide with a live second to second feature. With more data and advancement in cryptocurrency these trends will be more predictable and volatility should become more stable. Another possibility is to implement our hack on order markets seeing the nature of the hack is predicting future prices the applications to commodities is far and wide.

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