Inspiration - The initial idea was a building management system that due the passions of team members scaled up into a civil planning and management system.

What it does - While only a mockup with no real data being supplied, it shows a potential system for civic leaders to see their cities from a top-down 3D overview. This helps them plan based on a few factors like Infrastructure Age, Emergency Service Coverage, Food Security, and Redevelopment Opportunities.

How we built it - I was the Unity /c# guy, Alan was the 3D modeler, Aton worked in many areas of the project, making sure the edges were smoother, Chris worked on color schemes and UI ideas and Cory was an idea man, and a 911 dispatcher great input into certain areas of our idea.

Challenges we ran into - Our biggest challenges were these A. trying to put too many features into a 20-hour project. Fortunately having experience in this, we implemented a priority system for the various ideas that kept coming. B. Some of the team members could only be there for a few hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - With no work done ahead of time, no idea until 3 minutes before the end of the opening meeting,through sheer willpower was able to put together a full-featured mockup of the idea that formed.

What we learned - If you are working by the seat of your pants( a thinly planned idea), as resources become available, the wise used of those resources makes the difference. Prioritization is key. Also, this having been my first, I learned that I really like hack-a-thons and plan on attending more of them.

What's next for Real - Time Ops Center - The version that was final in the event will be released to the HoloLens store for those who would like to check it out. We have also talked about fully realizing this idea.

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posted an update

Soon everyone will be able to test this out on their own HoloLens. This project has been submitted to the Microsoft Store for certification. As soon as it is through the process I will update here to let everyone know.

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